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Posted April 24th
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Posted April 24th
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Posted April 24th
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Had a v confusing yet v insightful talk on the way home last night about how life is a joke and this doesn’t mean anything and when we actually come to terms with this fact true happiness will be realized.

But that’s almost impossible to do because we as humans try to put meaning in every single thing.

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Posted April 23rd
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Cosmarxpolitan, Issue 13
Don’t fetishize commodities, fetishize THIS — pg 81
Posted April 23rd
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Visitors stroll in a clear tunnel beneath a pond of waterlilies in St. Louis, 1965.Photograph by Bruce Dale, National Geographic

You don’t realize how much a big city can be taken for granted or how scared people generally are of “sketchy” areas, which really are relatively safe.

I’ve walked alone in a city of almost 3 million I think walking alone in a city of 500,000 is nothing. Just obviously don’t be stupid. No, there are no ghettos in Savannah just, you sound so white ugh. Low income areas, yes, but that’s obviously not the same. 

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Posted April 23rd
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You look like fox mulder but with kinky hair.



I have kinky hair? Ha ha, fantastic!

And thanks. I’ll take that.  

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Posted April 22nd
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Went to college and lost social skills hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Forever an INTJ. 72 percent introvert!!! 50 percent thinking!!!

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Posted April 22nd
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Everything is up in the air. It’s exciting for sure but so unpredictable. 

Leasing a house would present the opportunity to stay for the summer. I love it down here but I definitely need to come home. But I then again I don’t have a solid summer job lined up at home, whereas down here with the tourist season demand is surging. So much going on. It’s crazy. I’m going crazy. I already am crazy. 

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Posted April 22nd
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